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Disney and Marvel Theme 4D Magical World will be launched in this July 2016. Different famous Disney cartoon characters will greet you here at Magical World! There will be new elements such as sound, smell and special lighting effects to create a whole new 4D experience. The Luminous Disney Zone is one of the highlight of the exhibition. It brings you into the fantasy and incredible luminous Disney World with endless surprises! The main Disney cartoon characters welcome our visitors in 12 major cartoon zones with almost 70 photography spots. Enjoy the whole museum without time limit by purchasing a single ticket only! Disney and Marvel theme 4D Magical World creates happy memories and fantastic experience with your friends and family.


Opening Hours
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Admission Fee
Adult: HK$168       Now: HK $100 Only
Child: HK$100      

How to get there
  1. From Golden Crown Guest House walk to Hilton Tower about 10 mins only. Click here for more details:

Golden Crown Guest House